Derwenthaugh Marina

The Boat Station is the building that houses the boats, classrooms, and facility for teaching boat work. The building has been upgraded. This facility provides stimulating training, adventure, and fun […]

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Motel One

This project involved the supply and installation of 2 new chiller units on the roof of I live hotel in Central Edinburgh including all associated pipe work and controls linked […]

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Hot & Cold Water: Why it’s Vital to Have Both in Your Office

Believe it or not, having both hot and cold water is the law if you’re an employer. The presence of commercial plumbing is part of the Health, Safety and Welfare […]

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Wharton Park

Wharton Park occupies 4.3 hectares of land within the Durham City Conservation Area and a successful Heritage lottery fund (HLF) bid for funding has led to a much needed restoration. […]

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Jesmond Towers Project

Built in various stages through the nineteenth century, Jesmond Towers is a large gothic looking building Grade II listed and former home to Tyneside Shipbuilder James Mitchell in 1869. Gemini […]

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