All workplace buildings require by a good ventilation system in place. This ensures not only safety for your employee’s health but also for any of your products that could possibly get damaged by things like condensation or dangerous fumes.

Gemini are able to offer you high quality ventilation systems to be put in place to give your business a constant flow of fresh air which will keep your work environment productive.

Our professional team are always on hand to install our systems in your business to provide you with an incoming flow of fresh air. We can provide you with a system that will handle the temperature, quality and humidity of incoming air and are ideal no matter what property you have whether industrial or commercial.

Our fresh air ventilation systems can save you money

Not only can we provide you with an efficient ventilation system but we can also provide you with one that saves you money.

One of the benefits with our air ventilation systems is that they contain 28% less load due to automatic heat exchange and the results it provides. Another benefit is that this heat exchange reduces the energy consumption of your system.

Our extraction systems will remove any nasty smells, bacteria and dirty air

Government legislations ensure that your premise has to be free from dangerous dusts and vapours that could harm your employees. To limit the exposure to this air we can install bespoke ventilation extraction systems which are suitable for companies who own large plants and sites.

Failure to have suitable standards of air in your company could see you hit by these legislations so ensure to put in the appropriate measures to keep your company unaffected.

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