Hot & Cold Water: Why it’s Vital to Have Both in Your Office

Believe it or not, having both hot and cold water is the law if you’re an employer. The presence of commercial plumbing is part of the Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations, which state that suitable and sufficient welfare facilities must be supplied for the purpose of employee well-being while at work. But there are many other reasons why having water in the office is a crucial element of anyone’s work day.

A Matter of Hygiene
Office surfaces such as computer keyboards, desks and other furniture can contain billions of bacteria, many of which can cause colds and other ailments that can keep employees at home instead of in the office. Washing the hands with hot water for a prescribed amount of time and with proper hand washing procedures can effectively remove these bacteria from hands.

A Matter of Health
Whether hot or cold, drinkable water must be provided. The drinking of water ensures that the body is properly hydrated. When properly hydrated, a person is better able to focus, is more energetic and can be better equipped to maintain a positive attitude. Making drinkable water available in your office will also benefit the oral health of your employees, who must interact with clients – and each other – on a regular basis.

Increased Comfort Level
The mere existence of hot and cold water in your office can offer employees a lot of comfort. Whether their preference is coffee or tea, the ability to partake of a cuppa during a stressful day can make a world of difference to those who work for you. Not to mention the good that short social breaks with fellow employees can do.

As long as reasonable effort has been made to ensure that hot and cold water, as well as adequate facilities exist in your office, you can gain the satisfaction of your employees as well as the law.

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